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Customized Account:  Every office is different which means every service should be as well.  At Allendale, we customize your account to suit your needs and to make your answering service seamless in your operation.

SSL Messaging & Text Messaging:  At Allendale we provide free SMS Messaging, Alpha Messaging, and Emailing for all of our accounts.  Or you can select our new SSL Messaging feature which is fully HIPAA compliant, which includes SSL Text Messaging, SSL Emails, Cloud Based Storage, Message Delivery Verification, and many more feature!  Ask Today for more details.

Voicemail & Auto-Attendant:  Using our Voicemail & Auto-Attendant is just another way to cut cost along with giving a personalized message to your callers when you are away from the office.  Allow your callers to leave you a message, know when you are at lunch, or when an unexpected closure might occur.

Auto-Dispatching:  Get your messages automatically sent to your office with our auto emailing and auto faxing.

Toll Free Number:  Toll free numbers are available to defer any long distance charges that might occur.

Data Archiving: All of your messages and calls are automatically archived at no charge.

Free Dispatching:  Receive your messages by Alpha pager, Email, SMS, PCS, or Fax at no additional charge per message.

Benefits of Using Allendale Answering Service for your business needs

  • Calls are always answered by a live, professional, U.S.-based representative.
  • Callers are welcomed per your given specifications.
  • Messages are relayed via your preferred methods.
  • You only pay when we answer your patient calls.

Why Allendale Answering Service’s offerings are superior

  • Our highly-skilled agents are available whenever your callers need us to be: 24/7/365 and on all holidays and weekends.
  • Supervisors are onsite, and any account issues are managed in an expedited manner.
  • Our representatives have a background in customer service and complete an intensive training regimen.
  • We professionally handle your calls and messages in a customized way and according to your specifications.