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HVAC, Plumbers, and General Contractors

Your customers never stop depending on you, and we’ll help you be there when they need you most.

At Allendale Answering Service, we provide support to businesses in the HVAC, Plumber, and General Contractor industries. Your customers may need assistance at all hours of the day and night, and relying on Allendale Answering Service is a guaranteed way for their calls to be answered 24/7/365 and on all holidays and weekends. Our professional operators are trained to evaluate each call in real-time and to manage your customers’ needs according to your specifications.

  • Virtual receptionist: Our courteous representatives are available anytime your customers may need you: 24/7/365 and on all holidays and weekends.  Allendale Answering Service employs U.S.-based agents who are trained to take your incoming calls in a professional manner, during standard hours or after-hours.
  • Paging and messaging for incoming calls: Sometimes customers may need to reach your on-call team of technicians.  Our trained operators record accurate and detailed messages that can be relayed to you or to your employees in a way most convenient for your or their needs: fax, email, SMS text and more.  Allendale Answering Service can even employ back-up protocols to ensure your technicians are receiving their messages.
  • Customized intake forms specific to caller request: You may have a preference in how you wish to receive information, or you may hope to obtain different information from a sales call than from a quote request. Allendale Answering Service will ensure that messages are captured according to your specifications and requirements.
  • Emergency and non-emergency calls: Our highly-skilled representatives will treat every incoming call with attention and sensitivity, whether there is an immediate concern or a standard inquiry.  Your incoming customer calls will all be addressed with the professionalism you require and deserve.